Depth Filters

Amazon Filters are recognised as leaders in the field of meltblown depth filter cartridge technology. Our leading edge research has resulted in the manufacture of filters where the diameters of the blown fibres are controlled to produce different pore sizes throughout the production process. This enables the retention of contaminants throughout the depth of the media. All the layers are inter-linked to offer maximum support while ensuring that the high void volume is maintained. The fibre density is increased towards the inside of the media giving true progressive retention and therefore long filter life.

SupaSpun IISupaSpun II

Polypropylene SupaSpun II depth filters are Absolute rated to provide maximum efficiency and system protection. In areas where reliable, consistent absolute performance is required, they have consistently proven to be superior to most other cartridges available today. SupaSpun II filters are available as a special DWI Regulation 31 compliant variant, SupaSpun II R31 and suitable for use in potable water production systems.

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SupaGard KilBacSupaSpun KilBac

A range of absolute rated melt blown depth filters with the addition of KilBac® anti-microbial and anti-algal technology to prevent biofouling on the filtration media.

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SupaGard KilBacSupaGard KilBac

A range of nominal rated melt blown depth filters with the addition of KilBac® anti-microbial and anti-algal technology to prevent biofouling on the filtration media.

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SupaSpun NNSupaSpun Mn R31

The SupaSpun Mn has been specifically developed to provide a cost-effective solution for manganese removal down to below 1ppb where capital investment and operational costs of traditional sandfilters are not viable.

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SupaSpun FFCSupaSpun FFC

SupaSpun FFC spun bonded cartridge filters utilise the very latest in high strength fibre production to create a large diameter element ideal for high flow applications. The high capacity, low pressure loss media is an ideal choice for use in a wide range of water and chemical processes.

SupaSpun NNSupaSpun NN

The SupaSpun NN Absolute rated cartridges are manufactured from nylon media providing improved chemical and higher temperature resistance. These are ideal for more challenging applications including solvent filtration, chemicals production, petrochemical processing and fuel filtration, providing reliable, consistent and absolute performance. They are available in a range of cartridge styles and sizes.

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The Contour large diameter cartridge utilises the same outstanding depth characteristics as the well proven SupaSpun II absolute rated filters, in a high flow configuration. Available in polypropylene and nylon, they provide superior performance in applications where ease and speed of change-out is crucial and in high flow rate applications.

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The SupaGard range offers the most economic solution for challenging applications where depth filtration is required. These nominally rated polypropylene media cartridges have high void volume providing excellent life and an internal support core offering maximum rigidity. SupaGard filters are available in a range of cartridge styles and sizes.

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The VisClear nominally rated filter range is manufactured from Nylon media to improve compatibility with more challenging chemicals and higher temperature applications. It has a rigid construction, and is ideally suited to replacing the old fashioned Resin Bonded type filters that are still common in many paint, ink and coating applications.

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SupaSpun-II-srpSupaSpun II SRP

Amazon Filters Ltd have developed absolute rated SupaSpun II SRP cartridges specifically for the Sulphate Removal Process. Their use can maximise membrane life, reduce replacement costs and avoid unexpected interruptions to the process. SupaSpun II SRP precision graded density filter elements are a further development of our already well proven absolute rated depth type filter.

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