Amazon Filters Ltd Launches New Halar Media Filter

Many industries including manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Fine Chemicals and Microelectronic components use a wide range of solvents during their production processes. Selecting the optimum filter for compatibility and cost presents a significant challenge to many of these companies. Amazon Filters has developed a new filter to assist filter users in meeting these challenges.

SupaPore Halar filters utilise an advanced Halar ECTFE filter medium and have been developed to provide a better option for fine filtration of solvents or products that are solvent based. Halar ECTFE is a fluoropolymer offering a unique combination of thermal and chemical resistance. It exhibits excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and solvents and Halar, like PTFE, is used a lining material for vessels where compatibility is an issue. SupaPore Halar filters offer high flow, low pressure drops and long life and are classified with different removal ratings at different beta ratios to provide a ‘one filter fits all‘ option.

Key Features and Benefits of SupaPore Halar

  • Broad chemical compatibility with a range of solvents and chemicals including Acetic acid, Acetone, Acetonitrile, DMF, DMSO, Ethyl acetate, Hexane, Hydrochloric acid, Methylene chloride, MBK, n-Heptane, Sodium hydroxide, THF, Toluene and Xylene
  • Much lower cost than PTFE membrane filters
  • High flow rates, low pressure drops and long life
  • USP Class VI Plastics Tested
  • Comprehensive product validation guide available

This entry was posted on 15th Feb 2010