Business Continuity

Amazon Filters Ltd recognizes that the impact of potential disasters or emergencies such as fire, flood, loss of utilities, staffing disruptions, etc, can be reduced through a considered assessment of threat, vulnerability and risk. The Company is committed to reducing business risk to acceptable levels and taking all reasonable steps, where possible, to ensure that key services are maintained and normal services restored as soon as possible in the event of a service interruption. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been devised for this purpose and the objectives of this plan are to:  

  • Understand the critical functions and activities of the organisation.
  • Identify the key roles, responsibilities and contacts to respond to an emergency.
  • Ensure that maximum possible service levels are maintained.
  • Ensure quick recovery from interruptions.
  • Minimise the likelihood and impact (risk) of interruptions.

The BCP plan details how to respond to an incident depending up on the seriousness of the event and the stages to be followed from the Crisis and Emergency Response stages, through to the Recovery and Restoration Stages.

Amazon Filters Ltd will ensure that the BCP is embedded within the culture of the Company and that all those connected with the delivery of services are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities in ensuring business continuity.

The Company will regularly identify and assess the risks associated with the continuation of its operational activities and take appropriate action to prevent or minimize the impact of events that could affect the delivery of products and services.