Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon is often asked about our history, stability and capabilities, and below we have listed some of the questions we are most often asked, along with our answers.

If you would like to receive clarification as any of these answers or have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Who are Amazon Filters and what do they do?

A: Amazon is a manufacturing filter company servicing process industries around the world from our base in the South East of England. Full details of our history and capabilities are available in our Company Profile.

Q: You have a lot of products shown on this website. What do you know about applying them to my industry?

A: We certainly don’t claim to know everything! However, with the level of experience our filtration engineers and the wide range of different industries we service (from pharmaceuticals to petrochemical, power generation to building services, automotive to beverage) we can safely say that we have encountered most problems and issues that might occur.

Q: How can I be sure of your product quality?

A: There are two main strands underpinning our quality system. One is the formal side of things, demonstrated by our accreditation to ISO 9001-2015 via the British Standards Institute, as well as a serious management commitment to improvement and preventative action.

The other side is the absolute commitment to quality that is driven from the very top within Amazon, our senior management team take a personal pride in our products and this attitude is one that is shared throughout the company.

Q: I’ve heard of a lot of your competitors, why have I not heard much of Amazon Filters?

A: Amazon is a relatively new company, but we have grown dramatically since the start. Our name is very well known in the filtration trade and our reputation is growing with filtration users.

Q: Does this mean Amazon Filters only has limited capabilities?

A: Not at all. Amazon Filters is a manufacturing filter company, with world-class expertise in filter housings, meltblown, pleated and membrane cartridge filters. We are also a major suppliers of activated carbon cartridges, filter bags, metal fibre filters and a whole range of peripheral supporting products.

Q: But surely your technical knowledge is restricted?

A: Not when you have people with as many years’ experience within the filtration industry as we have! Although Amazon itself is relatively new in terms of years, our employees include some of the most experienced filtration engineers around, and our technical expertise is second to none.

Q: You are still a smaller company though; why should I deal with you rather than some of your bigger rivals?

A: Remember that being a large (and complex!) organisation is not a benefit in itself! One of our strengths is our ability to make decisions quickly due to our flat management structure, and it means we are willing to do that little bit extra to please our customers – we are not complacent!

Q: What about your financial stability?

A: We are proud of the fact that we have been profitable throughout our existence and that this leaves us in a very strong position financially. Coupled with this, because we are privately owned company, we are able to plan for the long term rather than having to compromise stability for short-term expediency.

Q: I’m not based in England but am still interested in your products. Can you supply me?

A: Of course we can! Our location in the South East of England is ideal for distribution of products around the world, being that we are only 25 miles from London Heathrow Airport (one of Europe’s major gateways to the world) and close to the Channel Tunnel, the major route into Europe for road haulage from the UK. In addition to this, we have highly skilled Distribution partners in various countries around the world that can not only offer local stockholding of product but also technical and application expertise to help you solve your filtration problems.