Single Source Supply (3S) Capability

With out-sourcing Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) becoming a more common default position for Corporate and non-Corporate companies, having the right spare parts in stock, at the right time, is crucial in ensuring that a production supply chain is not broken.

Some companies choose a supplier who specialises in the procurement and management of individual stock parts to meet their MRO requirements. This allows them to focus upon the core activities involved in manufacturing their own product. The MRO provider can then support the client with a specialised consolidated stock management service, providing a reduction in processing time and cost savings.

Any Company that has a desire to purchase its filters from a Single Source Supplier (‘3S’) can consider Amazon Filters Ltd as a 3S provider of choice.

Bought in Items GroupAmazon has proven to be an outstanding partner with supply and service experience that covers a wide range of industries. Combining this with existing trade relationships with other leading filter manufacturers in the Process, Air, Hydraulic and Power Generation markets, ensures that Amazon can provide a 3S service that few other suppliers can match.

Where a company is currently purchasing filters from several suppliers, Amazon, by using our unique ‘F4P’ Assessment Programme, can offer either a range of its own manufactured filter parts or source alternatives from the wider market. For new applications, Amazon will source the most appropriate and cost effective filter to meet the process requirement or filter specification.

In delivering true, single source supply, Amazon Filters can provide real and measurable reductions in sourcing, purchasing and inventory costs.

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