Building Services Engineers that are experiencing problems with air in closed loop water systems can now benefit from the automatic venting of filter housings with the new Autovent kit from Amazon Filters. Closed Loop Water Systems – Is yours forever blowing bubbles?

It is important that Closed Loop Water Systems used for climate control in buildings are kept free of air. This is recommended In BSRIA Publication – BG 29/2012: Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems which highlights the problems caused by trapped air.  In Section 2.3.1 General Provisions, the importance of effective air venting is referenced in order to avoid:-

  • Noise at pumps and spring operated regulating devices
  • Frothing or foaming
  • Non-repeatability of flow rate measurements
  • Inefficient operation of system pumps
  • Increased rates of corrosion

Amazon Filters Side Stream filter systems can be fitted with ‘Auto-vents’ which automatically bleed any air accumulating in the system thus helping to avoid the problems detailed in the BSRIA Guide.

Amazon Filters New Autovent automatic float type vent valve assembly is designed for use on all standard filters housings and is an ideal accessory for use in all water* based applications. This is especially relevant where operator inspection is at a minimum or where you know there may be air present in the system.

The Autovent works by allowing trapped air to escape out of the cap as the fluid rises in the vessel until the internal float is pushed up so closing the vent automatically.  When changing cartridges, opening the drain on the vessel will make the float fall and allow air to enter vessel.


The Autovent kit offers a cost effective and practical venting solution and is available in either 316 stainless steel or brass (as pictured) offering a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar at 110ºC for use on Group 2 non-hazardous fluids.  All Autovent kits come complete with a stainless steel static pressure gauge and ball valve for isolation purposes and are available with ¼” and ½ “ BSP.

*Suitable for Group 2 fluids only as detailed the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

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This entry was posted on 30th Jan 2014