28th Jun 2017

Filtered Water The New Must Have For Bars And Pubs

If you are looking for activated carbon filters for your bar then you may be interested to hear that you are not the only one.

Many pubs and bars are investing in water filtration as a means to make and save money. Water filters offer both hygiene and taste benefits, which may not be available from chlorination alone.

Some chains are using them to ensure there is taste consistency across their branches, which doesn’t change depending on geographical location.

Pubs and bars don’t only use water for drinking but also for making ice, cleaning and coffee.

Unfiltered water can cause a range of problems, first of all there is the taste which can be unpleasant in hard water or water with high chlorination. It can also cause problems for the mechanisms it runs through, for example coffee machines can often get furred up with calcium deposits, which will eventually break them.

A report in bar magazine showed that they could lead to 29 per cent energy bill savings

There are a range of different water filters that can be used in bars and pubs, such as carbon block technology or ion exchange resin and reverse osmosis filtration systems.

These can remove bacteria, calcium, magnesium and sulphates from the water, as well as chlorine which has been purposely added to it.

One bar that has been leading the way is the cocktail bar that opened in Selfridges accessory hall last year, with water sommeliers taking part in the development of the cocktail bar menu.

Water sommelier Martin Riese told the Metro: “Water has a taste. Why not create a water menu?

“Just buy different brands of water with different [mineral] levels and taste them side by side. You will suddenly see how different they actually are.

“Like wine, one can actually taste the region and depth from which the water comes.”

London has been experiencing sweltering temperatures in recent days and we can’t imagine anything better than a nice cool glass of water when we are visiting Oxford Street, but how is it getting on?

The bar gives away free filtered water as well as offering a range of water infusions, alongside its cocktails.

The story was miscommunicated by the Evening Standard who claimed the bar was only selling pricy water. However, the attention it gave to its filtered water offering just goes to show just how popular this offer now is for bars and restaurants.

It is not the first of its kind and takes it lead from Los Angelos-based Ray’s and Stark Bar in LA. This bar launched with a menu of 20 types of water, back in 2013. The bar is still going strong today.

When the bar first opened it received plenty of incredulous attention as details of its 45 page bottled water menu was revealed.

However, if you are lucky enough to attend and can’t afford the $40 ‘champagne’ of waters which tops the menu, you can try the $12 tasting menu.

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