Client: Major Municipal Water Supplier
Building Location: Several sites in the South of the UK
Sector: Drinking Water Supply

Amazon Filters Water Supplier Case StudyAbout the Project

The water supply company identified nine critical boreholes that are at risk of producing water with high turbidity. If this is not addressed it can result in sub-standard water reaching householders and the supply company receiving significant fines and negative publicity.

These nine sites were located at a variety of locations in several different counties in the South of the UK. The company consequently carried out an assessment of possible solutions and chose a common strategy for treatment utilising Amazon DWI Regulation 31 compliant technology.

This strategy involved installing common connection valves into existing pipework so that mobile filtration equipment can be used during emergency conditions where high turbidity is recorded. The supply flow requirements varied, but typically were 1.5 and 5 million litres per day.

Project challenges

Amazon Filters Water Supplier Case StudyOne of the main issues was limited access and physical space at the various sites therefore Amazon Filters’ standard container systems were not a practicable option. Amazon’s solution was to design special, fully functional, smaller sized ‘Enclosed Units’. Once on site they could be simply connected to the system and used immediately to treat the water.

To provide enough cover for the various sites Amazon supplied four Enclosed Units each containing two off 40 round horizontal 60 Series housings with interconnecting pipework and isolating valves. The housings are designed to take 40 inch SupaSpun II R31 cartridges which are DWI Regulation 31 compliant.

The enclosed units were also fitted with internal lighting and heating to help ensure safety and convenience when operated on site and minimise any engineering required to install the system. The total contract value was £200,000.

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This entry was posted on 16th Apr 2015