During the production process, a top quality beer/brewing filter is key to making sure your product is the best it can be, however a new report has found that when the product makes its way into pubs, quality control is a major issue. 

Poor beer quality is costing the industry a huge £709 million loss each year according to 2017’s The Beer Quality Report, thanks to a handful of issues, such as a combination of beer waste and failings in pub cellars and equipment. This loss equates to around £14,600 per pub in the UK each year.

The report, featured on imbibe.com, concluded that this significant loss could be halved if the quality of a pint was consistent and there was more focus on providing fewer options of better quality beer instead of wasting taps on a larger number of beer choices.

Draught beer is still the most popular order in pubs throughout the UK – with seven out of 10 drinks purchased coming from a tap.

Paul Nunny, the director of Cask Marque – an independent accreditation scheme to recognise excellence in the service of cask ale, spoke of where changes needed to be made in processes: ’Cask Marque has spent nearly 20 years banging the drum about beer quality and still the message is not getting through to the retailer.”

According to Nunny, 49 per cent of retailers are still not meeting Cask Marque standards.

Profitability for the food and drinks sector is also feeling the strain from various other factors. Businesses now have to consider other ways of increasing profit within the industry by introducing new products into the mix.


This entry was posted on 16th Apr 2017