roplantThe extraction and purification of brackish and seawater is common in coastal municipal water production facilities. Cartridge filters are typically used to protect membrane systems from premature fouling and short life. SupaGard and SupaSpun II have a proven track record in many plants located around the world offering excellent membrane protection.

For new builds, the use of standard stainless steel filter housings is not always possible. The alternative options such as lined or Super-Duplex vessels can significantly increase costs. To help overcome these problems Amazon Filters has developed a filtration system comprising of 40” and 60” length 27 Series GRP polymer based housing and the large diameter SupaPleat FFC filter range. Where flow rates are high, the use of a high surface area cartridge can provide a more cost effective solution than standard 65mm diameter filters. This system has been specifically designed to offer excellent protection to membrane systems and reduce the filtration costs associated with water purification.