Product Formulation

Amazon Filters is able to offer a wide range of particulate and bioburden reduction cartridges to provide the optimum solution for the filtration of the various liquids used in product formulation. SupaSpun II depth filters (available in absolute ratings from 0.3 – 180 µm) and SupaPore PPG pleated cartridges (available in absolute ratings from 0.5 – 100 µm) are ideal for many of the filtration applications found in primary and final formulation areas.

Product Sterilisation

Sterility of critical products is achieved typically by autoclaving or by using 0.2 µm absolute rated sterilising grade filters. 0.2 µm rated SupaPore VPB filters contain a low absorption polyethersulphone membrane are fully validated to confirm compliance with the requirements of sterilising grade filters. Filters can be sterilised and integrity tested in-situ and are available in a range of cartridges, capsules, sizes and styles.

Effective prefiltration is vital to ensure sterilising filters do not block mid-process and cause significant operational problems. Therefore Amazon Filters has developed a range of high effeciency prefilters to complement the 0.2 µm rated filter. Absolute rated SupaPore VPB prefilters, SupaSpun II depth filters and SupaPore PPG pleated filters have high removal efficiencies for particulates and bioburden and minimise the risk of premature blockage of the final filter.

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  1. SupaPore TPB
  2. SupaSpun II
  3. SupaPore VPB
  4. SupaPore PPG