Water Injection

The injection of water is often necessary to maintain reservoir pressure and increase the recovery factor in oil production, but the importance of effective water treatment is often underestimated. Water intake quality can vary tremendously due to algae and plankton blooms, silts and other sediments and this will have significant impact on the performance of the water treatment facilities. If not addressed correctly, the injected water may be of poor quality resulting in clogging of the reservoir and loss of oil production. Amazon supplies filters designed to be used throughout the water treatment process to help ensure it functions to optimum levels. Whether the application is fixed or floating, seawater or freshwater Amazon Filters is able to provide easy operating, cost effective solutions to help maximise the production of water for injection.

Coarse Filtration

Coarse filtration is an important step to ensure the critical treatment systems downstream function effectively. The role of coarse filtration is to remove the bulk contaminants such as sand, silt, seashell fragments etc. Amazon Filters can provide filtration systems containing wedge wire screens or candles designed to provide automated operation and backwashing. The filters are typically rated between 25 and 100 µm. These systems provide an economical method of removing bulk contaminants and offer excellent protection for the guard/fine filtration systems that follow downstream.

Water Injection Diagram


  1. SupaSpun II SRP
  2. SupaPleat HFC SRP

Guard/Fine Filtration

Removal of fine particulates from water to be injected is important to avoid plugging of the reservoir and hindering oil recovery. Typically situated downstream of the Coarse Strainers or deep bed Multi Media Filters (MMF), the fine ‘Guard’ filters are used to remove particles ranging from 1 to 50 µm. Protecting either the well or other water treatment processes, these filters should offer absolute retention of particulate contaminants.

Sulphate Removal Process (SRP) Membrane Protection

Fine Filtration applications include the protection of Sulphate Removal Processes (SRP) used on water for injection to prevent scaling of the formation caused by sulphates reacting with barium and strontium in the crude oil. Removal of the sulphates will also reduce the risk of reservoir souring. It is critical that nano-membranes used in the SRP are protected by effective prefiltration to ensure optimum operation of the system.

Amazon Filters Limited has developed two ranges of absolute rated cartridges specifically to protect the critical membranes used in the water treatment and Sulphate Removal Processes. SupaSpun II SRP cartridges and the large diameter, high surface area SupaPleat HFC SRP filter have been designed to be absolute rated as, unlike low technology nominal filters, they maintain removal efficiency for contaminants throughout the life of the filter and under varying process conditions. It is typical for nominal filters to suffer reduced removal efficiency or to unload previously retained contaminants after a period of use. Therefore the use of SupaSpun II SRP and SupaPleat HFC SRP filters can maximise membrane life, reduce replacement costs and avoid unexpected interruptions to the process.