upstreamSea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Protection

Reverse Osmosis is typically used to produce potable water and the high purity water used in potable water makers. RO membranes require fine prefiltration to ensure long life and typically Amazon Filters supplies SupaSpun II and SupaPleat II rated at 5-10 µm absolute for this application. These are available as either standard cartridges or in the large diameter, high flow format. Where required we are able to offer SupaGard depth filters for this application. Amazon is also able to offer a new filtration system for the filtration of brackish and seawater consisting of a 20”, 40” or 60” length 27 Series GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) housing and a large diameter, high surface area SupaPleat FFC cartridge.

Sulphate Removal Process (SRP) Membrane Protection

A key application in oil and gas extraction is the protection of Sulphate Removal Processes (SRP) used on water for injection to prevent scaling of the formation caused by sulphates reacting with barium and strontium in the crude oil. Removal of the sulphates will also reduce the risk of reservoir souring. It is critical that nano-membranes used in the SRP are protected by effective prefiltration to ensure optimum operation of the system.

Amazon Filters Limited has developed two ranges of absolute rated cartridges specifically to protect the critical membranes used in the water treatment and Sulphate Removal Processes. SupaSpun II SRP cartridges and the large diameter, high surface area SupaPleat HFC SRP filter have been designed to be absolute rated as, unlike low technology nominal filters, they maintain removal efficiency for contaminants throughout the life of the filter and under varying process conditions. It is typical for nominal filters to suffer reduced removal efficiency or to unload previously retained contaminants after a period of use. Therefore the use of SupaSpun II SRP and SupaPleat HFC SRP filters can maximise membrane life, reduce replacement costs and avoid unexpected interruptions to the process.