Produced Water

Contaminated produced water requires significant processing to allow reuse or disposal. This is a multi-step process and typically the system contains bulk oil separators, cyclones, degassers and polishing filtration. Amazon Filters supplies high efficiency polishing filters to help ensure the solids levels are reduced to the desired level. We are able to offer a range of absolute and nominal rated filters for this application, including SupaPleat II, SupaSpun II and SupaGard cartridges and DuoLine bag filters. This enables the supply of the optimum solution that exhibits both long life and reliable retention of solids.

Amazon also supplies SupaSorb cartridges for removal of hydrocarbons from water. Typically used as polishing units downstream of primary removal equipment, they offer up to 99% removal of oil and emulsions where contamination levels are up to 500mg/l.