Inlet Gas Separation

Field gas will be processed to remove solid, deformable and liquid contaminants prior to amine sweetening. This typically involves multi-stage separators, coalescers and particulate filters. Amazon Filters has a range of products that are used as a fine filter typically located between the separators and coalescers. For this application we are able to offer a range of products manufactured with either polypropylene or nylon media to provide long operational life and good protection to the coalescer. Products offered include pleated filters such as SupaPleat II, polypropylene depth filters such as SupaSpun II and SupaGard, nylon VisClear depth filters and DuoLine bags. We are able to offer cartridges in the standard 65mm diameter format or as the large diameter high flow Contour or SupaPleat FFC products.

Sweetening Process Diagram - WEB



  1. SupaPleat II
  2. SupaGard
  3. VisClear
  4. Contour
  5. SupaSpun II