Effective control of particulates in the amine used to treat sour gas is vital to avoid foaming and fouling within the amine sweetening system. Contamination such as Iron Sulphide particles can result in reboiler tube failure, tray plugging inside the contactor and the regenerator, exchanger failures and frequent pump seal replacements. Ideally the recirculating amine should contain < 1ppm solids andSupapleat FFC Twin Amazon Filters is able to offer a range of cartridges to help achieve this. These include pleated filters such as SupaPleat II, polypropylene depth filters such as SupaSpun II and SupaGard and nylon VisClear depth filters. We are able to offer cartridges in the standard 65mm diameter format or as the large diameter high flow Contour or SupaPleat FFC products. Filters are available in a range of removal ratings and typically are used prior to the contactor and regeneration system and also downstream of the carbon bed to capture any carbon fines that are shed.