Filtration is critical to a successful wine production process and the use of Amazon SupaSpun II, SupaPleat II, and SupaPore filters has proven reliable and cost effective in this demanding process. These products are well established in wineries across the world, providing the ideal answer for a deep-bodied red or light, bright white wine.

Amazon Filters products have proven reliable in all areas of the wine making process including roughing filters, haze reduction, crystal removal, microbiological stabilisation as well as in utilities such as water, steam and CO2.


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  1. SupaPore TPB
  2. SupaSpun II
  3. SupaPleat II
  4. SupaPore VPW
  5. SupaPore PPG
  6. SupaPore FPW
  7. SupaPore VPWS
  8. SupaMesh

Clarifying or Trap Filtration

The purpose of Trap Filtration is to remove any kieselguhr/diatomaceous earth powder, other finings material or particles and to ‘polish’ the wine. For most applications we would recommend Amazon SupaPore PPG cartridges rated at 10 µm absolute. This can be used with backwashing to increase throughput and lower the operating costs. Where backwashing is not used Amazon SupaSpun II or SupaPleat II are the preferred options.

Fine Filtration

In Fine Filtration filters are used to remove yeast and for bio-burden reduction, either as a final stage on more robust wines or more typically as a prefiltration stage prior to ‘sterile filtration’. For this application we recommend Amazon SupaPore FPW cartridges. These offer long life, significant bioburden reduction and excellent protection for ‘sterilising’ filters.

Sterile Filtration

‘Sterile Filtration’ is designed to remove all spoilage organisms from the wine. For this application, Amazon SupaPore VPW and SupaPore VPWS cartridges are ideal, typically rated at 0.45 µm or 0.65 µm. Where integrity testing of the filters is not required producers may use SupaPore FPW filters.Where ‘crossflow’ filtration is used (also known as membrane filtration, microfiltration or ultrafiltration), cartridge filters can be used downstream as a ‘policing’ filter to ensure that bottled wine quality is not compromised, should bypass occur in the crossflow system. Housings used for these applications should be fully flowed, fully draining and suitable for CIP (Clean In Place) and/or steaming. The Amazon 51 Series, 62 Series64 Series or 70 Series housings are ideal for meeting these requirements.