mediagroupWater Filtration

Water is an important part of the process whether used for cleaning and rinsing or in the production process. Food and beverage manufacturers around the world have come to reply on SupaPoreSupaSpun II and SupaPleat II premium quality filter cartridges for removal of particulates and microorganisms.

Housings should be fully flowed, fully draining and suitable for CIP (Clean In Place) and/or steaming. The Amazon 62 Series64 Series or 70 Series housings are ideal for meeting these requirements.


It is essential that the quality of steam used for direct and indirect applications is maintained under all process conditions. Unlike other steam filters, the SupaMesh 3µm sintered metal fibre cartridge guarantees Culinary Grade steam to 3A-609-03 even when bulk condensate is present. To read how to improve your steam filtration, click here. 

The protection of sterilising grade filters is also paramount in minimising contamination risk through damaged membranes and filter media. The SupaMesh 5µm mesh filter will ensure you achieve maximum lifetime from your final filters.

Gases (Compressed air, CO2 and N2)

Gases that come into contact with the product should be filtered to prevent recontamination. Critical gas applications include blanketing gases (N2 or CO2 used to blanket tanks or pipework), carbonation and nitrogenisation.

For these applications we recommend Amazon SupaPleat II or SupaPore PPG cartridges for general particulate control and SupaPore TP for sterile filtration duties. Recommended housing options for particulate control applications are Amazon 52 Series or 53 Series and Amazon 72 Series or 76B Series housings for more critical applications.