Amazon Filters products have a proven pedigree in all areas of the brewing process and are an essential resource to the Master Brewer. Trap filtration, haze reduction and microbiological stabilization are just a few of applications where Amazon products can be relied upon.Utilities such as steam, CO2 gas supplies and CIP processes also rely on effective quality filtration from Amazon to assure the products final quality.

Brewing Diagram


  1. SupaPore TPB
  2. SupaSpun II
  3. SupaPleat II
  4. SupaPore VPW
  5. SupaPore PPG
  6. SupaPore FPG
  7. SupaPore FPW
  8. SupaPore VPWA
  9. SupaMesh

Trap Filtration (Post KG and/or PVPP)

Removal of any Kieselguhr or diatomaceous earth powder and other particles is vital to ‘polish’ the beer. For most applications we would recommend Amazon SupaPore PPG cartridges rated at 10 µm absolute. This can be used with backwashing to increase throughput and lower the operating costs. Where backwashing is not used Amazon SupaSpun II or SupaPleat II can provide the optimum solution.

Fine Filtration

Typically fine filtration involves the removal of yeast and to provide bio-burden reduction prior to cold stabilisation or ‘sterile filtration’. For this application we recommend Amazon SupaPore FPW cartridges. These offer long life, significant bioburden reduction and excellent protection for ‘sterilising’ filters.Generally fine filtration is used for protection of downstream cold stabilisation or sterile filters. Some manufacturers use filtration for reduction of bio-burden prior to pasteurisation. This can reduce the energy requirement for the pasteurizer and reduce the degradation of the beer that excess heat may cause.

Sterile Filtration or ‘Cold Stabilisation’

Cold Stabilisation, also called ‘Sterile Filtration’, is used to remove all spoilage organisms from the beer. It offers a viable alternative to pasteurisation, particularly in the medium sized or small breweries where it’s considerably lower capital costs will be a major advantage. It is also used in any brewery where taste is paramount (filtration will not adversely affect the taste of beer). Where flash pasteurisation is or has been used it offers a simple replacement (as the hygienic handling and filling protocols and equipment will already be in place).For this application, Amazon SupaPore VPWSupaPore VPWA and SupaPore VPWS cartridges rated at 0.45 µm absolute would typically be used.

Choosing the most appropriate filter housing is vital and for brewing applications the housing should be fully flowed, fully draining and suitable for CIP (Clean In Place) and/or steaming. The Amazon 62 Series, 64 Series or 70 Series housings are ideal for meeting these requirements.