The increased complexity of ink formulations and the sensitivity of modern print head designs, may lead them to potential blocking by particulate and microgels, this means effective filtration is paramount. Working with leading manufacturers of Digital Ink we have developed a dedicated range of filters designed to provide optimum filtration for all print head technologies.

To read in more detail how inconsistent jetting issues were resolved by using the new SupaPleat Plus Ink filter click here (to download the Application Note “Improving Jetting Performance on Wide Format Printers through Optimised Filter Design”)

The hybrid filter design of the SupaPleat Plus Ink combining high depth melt blown media and pleated technology ensures that small microgels and agglomerates are effectively removed while maintaining high flow rates and capacity. The configuration of filtration layers also provides excellent classification to ensure high transmission of pigment while at the same eliminating unwanted contamination.

In applications where prefiltration of ingredients prior to formulation mixing is required, the SupaSpun II provides optimal prefiltration.


Improved Health & Safety Combined with Increased Production Efficiencies

The new SupaPleat Plus Ink can also be supplied in the SupaClean housing format. This guarantees the ink purity while preventing exposure of the ink to the production operatives. It also allows for the filters to be reused at a later date ensuring the full capacity of each filter is utilised

  • Minimising operator exposure during filter change out, especially on solvent based inks
  • Minimise clean down time between colour changes hence increasing equipment utilisation
  • Ability to cap off and re use filters for multiple batches rather than disposing- Can reduce operating costs by up to 60%