Every type of product, whether a decorative, protective or product-enhancing surface coating will require filtration at some stage in its manufacturing process. The use of effective filtration is vital to meet the product quality specification and to ensure the end user will achieve the intended final finish. Amazon Filters is working with leading Coatings, Paints and Ink companies and has experience of a wide range of products including printing inks, lacquers, solvent based trade paints, emulsions, electrodeposition and high quality industrial paints. We have the product ranges and the experience to ensure the performance and cost targets are met for each application.

Key Applications

The ingredients and products being manufactured will contain a wide range of contaminants that will need removing during the production process. These will include particulates introduced from the equipment or environment, agglomerated or undispersed pigments, deformable gels, films and fibres. Filters used to remove these contaminants must also avoid removal of the pigment particles, so filters need to have a very well defined removal rating. Filters need to provide both clarification and classification.

To ensure the optimum filter is used in each application, Amazon Filters has developed a wide range of products. Our range includes DuoLine filter bags, meltblown depth filters such as polypropylene SupaSpun II and nylon VisClear and pleated media filters such SupaPleat II and SupaPore PPG. Therefore we are able to provide the ideal filter even if the need is to remove deformable contaminants and fibres or the liquid is highly viscous. Our cartridge and bag filter systems are often preferred to traditional plate and frame systems as they are easier to clean, suffer less product losses and offer better protection to the operators from VOCs used for solvent based products. Where a simple mesh strainer is required we offer filters from Amazon’s SupaMesh product range.

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  1. DuoLine
  2. SupaPleat II
  3. SupaGard
  4. VisClear