Chemical and solvent manufacturers rely on Amazon’s filters to ensure the quality of their products and to lower production costs. We supply filters manufactured from a diverse range of media with removal ratings from 0.03 – 1000 µm and in different formats, so can always provide the best filtration solution for each individual application.

Typical Products Requiring Filtration

  • Acids, bases, organic solvents, resins, monomers, polymers and raw materials
  • Industrial gases
  • Process water, boiler feed, demineralised feed, pre-reverse osmosis and waste water


Filtration of Raw Materials, Intermediates and Final Products

Final products need to be free of contaminants such as fibres, solid particles, deformable gels and where the product is a clear liquid, such as an organic solvent, free from haze. Experience has shown that limiting the use of effective filtration to just the final product is not a good strategy if the required product quality is to be achieved at an acceptable cost. It is important to control contamination levels in the raw materials and intermediate process streams, in addition to final product. This will help ensure overall filtration costs are controlled, quality targets are met and product rework is minimised.

Amazon manufactures filters using a variety of materials to match the variety of liquids to be processed, therefore we are able to choose the most appropriate filter for each application. Our range of products includes both depth and pleated filters. Media options include polypropylene and glass fibre and we also offer PTFEHalar and nylon filter media where higher compatibility is required.

Filters typically used are :-

Filters are available with ratings as fine as 0.03 µm and up to 1000 µm, so are suitable for all particle control applications. For particularly aggressive chemicals or solvents, high temperature applications or high viscosity products such as resins requiring high pressures, we offer SupaMesh filters manufactured entirely from stainless steel.

Solids Removal

During the reaction process or during the purification process there will often be a requirement to separate solids from the liquid. This can be achieved by surface filtration using cartridge filters such as SupaPore PPG or by utilising high solids retaining DuoLine bag filters. 


Solids Removal - Web

  1. SupaSpun II
  2. SupaPore Halar
  3. SupaPore PPG
  4. DuoLine
  5. SupaPore TPG

Carbon Treatment

Activated carbon is often used in chemical and solvent manufacturing to remove impurities produced during the reaction steps or as part of the catalyst recovery process. Cartridge filters such as SupaPore PPG or DuoLine bags are used to remove spent bulk carbon. A better alternative to bulk activated carbon is to use Amazon SupaCarb activated carbon cartridges in single pass or recirculating mode. These can offer a more compact, cleaner, easier to handle and cost effective carbon treatment solution.

Industrial Gases

Process gases should be filtered to prevent contamination of the product and damage to process equipment such as control valves. Where the gas is the final product, particle control is required to ensure final quality specifications are met. Amazon Filters recommends SupaPleat II or SupaPore PPG cartridges for general particulate control and SupaPore TP PTFE where a hydrophobic media is advantageous. For high temperature or high pressure applications, we offer SupaMesh filters containing stainless steel media.

Water Treatment

Amazon Filters has years of experience in all areas of Water Treatment processes and our products are an essential resource to this important utility. Incoming mains water, post carbon bed traps, pre and post UV and pre-RO filters are just a few of the applications where Amazon products can be relied upon. Typically SupaSpun II depth cartridges or SupaPleat II pleated filters are used for particulate removal and membrane protection. In high flow systems the large diameter Contour or SupaPleat FFC filters are used.

For more information on Amazon’s capabilities in Water Treatment applications click here.