The various paints used in the Paint Kitchen present different challenges to the filtration systems. Primers, Base coats (Top coats), Clearcoats (Lacquers), metallic and mica based paints all require clarification to ensure particles do not produce paint defects or block spray nozzles. The filters however, also need to allow paint pigments and metallic components to pass through (classification). Amazon Filters manufactures a wide range of clarifying and classifying filters. We are able to offer the optimum solution for contaminant removal on the paint feed and return lines. Typical products used are DuoLine filter bags rated at 50 – 250 µm, SupaSpun II filter cartridges rated at 50 – 70 µm for Primers, 70 – 90 µm for Basecoat and Clearcoats, and 150 – 180 µm for Mica / Metallic paints. Where there are higher levels of pigment or larger sized Mica / Metallic components that may cause depth filters to block quickly we recommend SupaPleat II MP pleated nylon filter cartridges rated at 100 to 400 µm.

Ultrafiltration (UF) System

The UF membranes used to process waste liquids from the paint process are expensive and the incorporation of effective filtration can prevent premature fouling and expensive membrane replacement. For this application we recommend SupaSpun II filter cartridges 40 – 90 µm and SupaPleat FFC filter cartridges for higher flow systems.