Parts Washing Diagram

Engine Plant

  1. SupaSpun II
  2. SupaPleat II

Machining Fluids

Improvements in technologies have resulted in the tolerances on machined parts becoming much tighter. This has increased the need for effective filtration to remove particles from the feed coolant, lubricating and cutting fluids and to remove debris produced during the machining process. This reduces defects and rework of the machined parts and helps avoid short tool life. Typically SupaSpun IISupaGard or SupaPleat II filters are used for these applications with 5-10 µm rated cartridges used on feed lines and more open grades (10-30 µm) used on the recycling loops (typically post belt or magnetic filters).

Parts Washing

Aqueous or chemical washing baths rely on fine filtration to ensure the parts are both clean and free from undesirable particulates. SupaSpun II and SupaPleat II filters are compatible with the higher liquid temperature used in parts washing and are particularly suitable for this application