Amazon Filters, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of filtration products, will be participating in the IMI Europe Inkjet Ink Development Conference from the 15th-16th of March based at the Aquatis Hotel, Lausanne, Switzerland.

The IMI Europe Inkjet Ink Development Conference is aimed at ink development chemists looking to find out the latest products, technology and techniques, and exchange ideas with peers.

The conference covers colourants, material dispersions, resins and polymers, photoinitiators, ink additives and other materials, analytical equipment and processing techniques.

The conference programme provides information on creating stable dispersions, the impact of additives on formulation performance, raw material quality and consistency for manufacturing, and other topical themes.

The conference is guided by a Technical Advisory Board consisting of key industry figures, including, Dr Andy Hancock, Mexar.

The Technical Advisory Board is chaired by Dr Tim Phillips of IMI Europe and, Amazon Filters is one of the confirmed presenting companies.

David Ridealgh, Market Development Specialist at Amazon Filters, will be presenting at the event during the morning session on the 16th of March. David will be discussing a recently compiled case study, titled, ‘The development of bespoke filter configurations for digital ink’.

This case study highlights the problems associated with specifying filters based on standard micron ratings assigned using efficiency to particulate such as ACFTD (air cleaner fine dust test). Filter development work conducted at a major manufacturer of UV digital ink demonstrated the large discrepancy between stated and actual retention performance. Maximising of pigment transmission while at the same time retaining agglomerates and microgels was achieved through an iterative design process with the ink manufacturer. The final solution provided a consistent ink quality and eliminated the inconsistent jetting performance some customers were experiencing on wide format piezo DOD printers.


If you are interested in attending this event, register here.


David Ridealgh, Market Development Specialist at Amazon Filters, said:


“We are really looking forward to taking part in this year’s technical event. It is important for us to understand what new formulations are being developed for the future so we can assess the impact this may have on the filtration solutions we provide. This is the perfect event for us, as we can talk directly with the scientists and chemists who live and breathe this technology.”

This entry was posted on 14th Feb 2017