We are proud to announce that we have been featured in the Daily Telegraph Business Club for showing three years of strong growth.

The Telegraph Business Club has taken a deeper look to establish how, despite economic downturns, Amazon Filters have managed to achieve steady growth. The video shows the challenges we face in changing industry pre-conceptions and our secrets to staying ahead of a fast-changing and competitive marketplace.

Here at Amazon, we are proud to announce that we employ over 150 members of staff and we have our design, distribution and manufacturing processes all located on one site in Surrey, England.

Neil Pizzey, Managing Director here at Amazon Filters said:

 “It is an honour to be featured as part of the Daily Telegraph Business Club”

He went on to say:

 “We definitely have ambitions to have a stronger presence in countries outside of Europe, so our aim is to continue improving our reputation and spread the word about Amazon Filters. However, we will always firstly focus on the core values we have as a company  – developing and manufacturing excellent products and providing outstanding customer service.”

Products include:

Filter Cartridges and Capsules
Filter Housings
Bag Filters

We supply filters for a range of industries and applications including:-

Food and Beverage Oil and Gas
Pharmaceutical Building Services
Automotive Water Treatment
Contained Filter Systems Chemicals and Coatings

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This entry was posted on 10th Dec 2014