Despite many of the negative reports in the media the UK does have many manufacturing success stories and Amazon Filters Ltd is an excellent example. Amazon Filters manufactures a wide range of filtration products used in numerous industrial processes such as beverage, drug and chemical manufacturing.
A combination of high performance products, dedicated customer focus and outstanding success has enabled Amazon Filters to deliver in excess of 10% year on year growth in recent years.
To support this growth the company has employed 25% more personnel and made major investments to expand and improve its manufacturing capabilities.
Filter Vessel Fabrication

Amazon Filters has recently relocated its entire fabrication facility into a dedicated building, entailing a major investment of over £200,000 in buildings and equipment to improve its capabilities in the manufacture of stainless filter vessels.
New cutting equipment and high capacity lifting cranes have been installed, the number of welding bays increased and there has been a greater than four fold increase in general production and assembly space.
As part of their ongoing commitment to environmental improvements, Amazon has installed new environmentally friendly hydrostatic testing equipment that generates zero waste water and a state-of-the-art extraction and treatment equipment to control welding fumes. It has also installed low power consumption evaporative cooling systems that use a fraction of the power of traditional air conditioning equipment with none of the associated greenhouse gases. Amazon is committed to using local subcontractors and suppliers wherever possible in order to minimise its carbon footprint.
The expansion project has also included a new, dedicated cutting and preparation area, significant warehousing improvements to create additional storage space. This includes the use of new narrow isle racking and fork lifts and a new heavy duty mezzanine storage level.
Future Investment

Amazon’s commitment to support its customers even better is continuing and the company is further expanding its workforce and currently investing >£500,000 in a new dedicated pleating hall and fully automatic pleating line. This will provide the company with another edge in the competitive world of filter production.
Future plans include the commissioning of a new and improved laboratory facility, and further investment in plastic welding equipment for filter assembly.

This entry was posted on 7th Mar 2012