Here at Amazon Filters, we are proud to announce that all their products are Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU compliant, and they are accredited for Self-Certifying to Module H of the PED.


Our expertise and engineering design techniques have made us of the leading manufacturers of filter vessels in Europe.

We offer the widest selection of cartridge and bag filter housings available today, which are all manufactured on site at their purpose built site just outside London. Their London facility houses production, warehousing, customer service, sales and design functions all on the same site, ensuring excellent communication throughout the company.

Under the Pressure Equipment Directive  2014/68/EU, all pressure equipment, including filter housings, being placed into service in Europe, must conform to PED  2014/68/EU; the PED means that it is illegal to market, sell or install vessels that do not meet the requirements of the PED rules and there is an individual and corporate responsibility for the vessels that pass through a company.

This directive requires that all pressure equipment and assemblies above specified pressure and/or volume thresholds must:

  • Be safe.
  • Meet essential safety requirements covering design, manufacture and testing.
  • Satisfy appropriate conformity assessment procedures.
  • Carry the CE marking and other information.

Pressure equipment and assemblies below the specified pressure / volume thresholds must:

  • Be safe.
  • Be designed and manufactured according to sound engineering practice.
  • Bear specified markings (but not the CE marking).
  • Under the directive Pressure Equipment is classified into one of five categories; SEP (Sound Engineering Practice) and Categories I, II, III, or IV.

Neil Pizzey, Managing Director of Amazon Filters, said:

“For manufacturers who do not hold a PED certificate, it is necessary for them to involve or notify a third party for all PED Cat 2 and above vessels they manufacture. While for us this only applies to PED cat 4 because we are self-certified for up to category 3. We are audited by BSI periodically in order to continue to hold this certificate and take pride in this accreditation.”

Amazon Filters is a leading designer and manufacturer of filter vessels. These are manufactured either based on sound engineering practice, or industry recognised design codes such as EN13345, PD5500 and ASME VIII, but we ensure all vessels supplied, satisfy the demands of the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).


This entry was posted on 20th Jul 2016