In 2014 the Telegraph Business Club took a deeper look to establish how, despite economic downturns, we have managed to achieve steady growth. The video shows the challenges we face in changing industry pre-conceptions and our secrets to staying ahead of a fast-changing and competitive marketplace.

There are many industries that rely on effective filtration, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil and gas, automotive, chemicals and water treatment facilities.

Here at Amazon Filters we have a proven track record for reliability and performance, supplying filter equipment to the process industry.

Simon Hughes, Sales Manager, Amazon Filters:

“We manufacture a range of cartridge filters, bag filters, and holders which we put housings which they fit into. The purpose of a filter is just to remove any undesirable from a process stream whether that is a liquid or a gas.”

Neil Pizzey, Managing Director said:

“It is crucial to get appropriate filtration for your process, because if you don’t actually get it right then you might as well no do it. A lot of the filters which we used in safety critical applications, e.g. sterile beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or things where if you get it wrong the consequences of saving a few pounds can be at the risk of your own reputation and of course the safety of your ultimate customer.”

Amazon Filters was founded in 1985 by Mike Pizzey, an experienced engineer himself, at the time most of the filter housings available were still standardised off the shelf systems. By listening to what the filter companies wanted he was able to develop a range of housings that were more customized according to their needs.

Neil Pizzey continued:

“We had also made lots of special variants of our products, but we didn’t really advertise the facts, we just did it when somebody asked us, so we embrace that philosophy. I think it was one of the best decisions we made, I think that has been one of the key drivers of our growth.”

After identifying a new market potential, it wasn’t long before Amazon Filter began manufacturing their own brand of filter cartridges, but having built up such a good reputation for filter housings over the years  it hasn’t always been easy to communicate the full range of products and services on offer to clients.

Simon Hughes, Sales Manager, Amazon Filters:

“We are doing about 30% of our sales for filter housings now and about 70% for cartridges, we are a significant cartridge manufacturer now, and we make them at good levels of specification with a high capacity. So making sure that the market understands that our capabilities are much more than they were ten years ago is a very key factor for us.”

We are independently owned and more flexible than a corporate multi-national and yet with a much better reputation than far east rivals producing low quality, low cost counter parts, we are in a unique position within a global market.

Simon Hughes, Sales Manager, Amazon Filters:

“We are never really going to be as cheap as these importers and we don’t set out to be. What we do have is a high quality product and we are consistent in relation to what we make, so each and every time you are getting the same product, to the same quality, to the same specification.”

We manufacture both pleated and depth filters, the concept you use on a depth filter is that the larger particles in the process fluid are trapped on the outside of the filter and progressively you catch the smaller ones towards the centre. In terms of actually making one, that means you have got to have very close control over your fibres, so you can change the size, the porosity, and the matrix of the filter during the production process.

The alternative commonly used filter, is a pleated type, now this uses a slightly different mechanism and has a high surface area of folded filter media in a flat sheet form, these are ideal when you have lots of particles of all the same size as each other, because it can catch a lot of those.

Neil Pizzey, Managing Director said:

“We believe it is really important to have a supplier who understand the full filtration process and that is one of the things we offer differently from many others. We make the filter housings, we know how they are installed in the system; we know how they interact with the filter cartridges installed in them. Very often people completely discount that part of it, buy a very expensive fine filtration cartridge and forget that it is being installed into a very low quality filter housing which can actually mean that it can’t possibly work to perform its full function.”

We manufacture a cartridge filter vessel, which we do from very small single cartridge, so a product that will fit in your hand, all the way up to vessels of several tons. These vessels are designed to last for many years, and we do still get regular spares requirements for units that can be 20 years old.

Having our design, manufacturing and distribution operations all located in one premises has its distinct advantages alongside providing a great deal of control over the quality, cost and lead times.

Neil Pizzey continued:

“We have a design guy designing a new housing, and I can go and find the cartridge and find the process engineer who designs the cartridge, and ask him whether it fits or once it is fitted whether it can be removed. These are simple things which are very easy to get wrong and I have seen some horrendous installations just because that understanding of the two different components of the filtration system wasn’t considered during the design phase.”

He continued:

“I think being an engineer by trade, has been incredibly useful for the company to help set the standards required for the quality product that we deliver, and I think my personal desire for perfection has rubbed off over the years on many of the staff members within the company.”

We may be a family owned enterprise but that doesn’t hinder our vision for future expansion beyond Europe.

“We definitely have ambitions to be stronger in North and South America and in Asia, but ur main ambition is to improve our reputation, to spread it wider, to have a bit of fun whilst we are doing it, but fundamentally I think that if we focus on the values we have and the strengths that come from those values then we will achieve the other things as a consequence of that.”

You can view the full video here.

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This entry was posted on 13th Jan 2015