Monthly Archive: December 2018

Iron Removal from Public Water Supply

In this article we look at how iron affects water quality and the different methods available for removing iron from groundwater. Iron, which is naturally present in rock and soil, is easily dissolved in water. As a result of this, water sourced from boreholes, otherwise known as groundwater can have excess iron present. Iron in Groundwater When groundwater contains oxidised iron it is often evident due to the certain brownish colour present, however, it commonly exists …

This entry was posted on 17th Dec 2018

How We’re Reducing Our (and your) Impact On The Environment

At Amazon Filters, we produce and globally supply top-of-the-line liquid filtration equipment used in every application imaginable. Our filter housings and assemblies are bespoke and individually designed for their specific application and the filter cartridges themselves are independently replaceable, providing our customers with complete flexibility.   Our Filters We appreciate that producing any product, especially one that implements a replaceable element, has a serious impact on the environment. From the materials used, to the processes …

This entry was posted on 4th Dec 2018