Monthly Archive: February 2014

Amazon Filters provide Side Stream Filters for Air Conditioning System at Heathrow Terminal 5

We recently provided Heathrow Terminal 5 with Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) Side Stream filters for its air conditioning system. View the case study here Due to the success of the Amazon Side Stream filters installed previously at the Heathrow Energy Centre, the same system was selected for a major project initiated to ensure the high performance and accurate control of the heating system operating in Terminal 5. The main plant rooms are located below …

This entry was posted on 14th Feb 2014

Side Stream filters specifically designed for hot and cold water systems

Closed loop water circuits used as part of building heating and cooling systems typically become contaminated during fabrication with materials such as mill scale, jointing compound and building debris and on an on-going basis with suspended solids from corroding pipe work and bio-films.  If these materials are allowed to remain in the system they are likely to cause component blockage and damage to control valves and small bore heat exchangers. The presence of these contaminants …

This entry was posted on 6th Feb 2014

Protect your Side Stream Filtration System with FerroStik magnetic cleanable pre-filters

Side Stream cartridge filter systems used for cleaning recirculating hot and cold water circuits can benefit from enhanced protection by utilising an Amazon FerroStik cleanable magnetic pre-filter.  The Amazon FerroStik magnetic pre-filter is an innovative application of magnetism, designed to extend the life of cartridge filters. Side Stream filters are typically used to remove suspended solids and treated biofilm from hot and cold recirculating water systems.  The life of these filters can be increased by …

This entry was posted on 5th Feb 2014