Monthly Archive: March 2012

Amazon Launches New Long-Life Beverage Filter

Amazon Filters has launched its new state of the art filter for fine filtration and stabilisation of beverages. SupaPore VPWS filters utilise an advanced asymmetric PES membrane providing superior throughputs in more challenging application. They are ideal for processes where long on-stream life is vital. Key Features and Benefits Utilises naturally hydrophilic PES membrane providing low adsorption of protein, colour and flavour components Cartridge exhibits wide chemical compatibility and can be regenerated for extended service …

This entry was posted on 12th Mar 2012

Amazon Filters Expands its Filter Housing Production Capabilities

Despite many of the negative reports in the media the UK does have many manufacturing success stories and Amazon Filters Ltd is an excellent example. Amazon Filters manufactures a wide range of filtration products used in numerous industrial processes such as beverage, drug and chemical manufacturing. A combination of high performance products, dedicated customer focus and outstanding success has enabled Amazon Filters to deliver in excess of 10% year on year growth in recent years. …

This entry was posted on 7th Mar 2012